The emirate of Fujairah hosted the UIM Class1 World Powerboat Championship in 1988 which was such a success, that it propelled the establishment of the Fujairah International Marine Club.

The Formula 2000 Championship is a very prestigious event Fujairah International Marine Club organizes every year. After the first Formula Race in 2003 held in Dibba, the wonderful experience and success of the event inspired the FIMC to add it to their events calendar every year. The Formula 2 is an extremely popular regional event with an international flavour. Each year it attracts a strong field of UAE national drivers as well as those from other GCC, European and Asian countries. Fujairah Formula Race has always been and will always be an exciting and beloved event attracting countless people to witness and become apart of it.

Not only does the FIMC play host to high-powered events, but it also organizes many wonderfully traditional and graceful events. Dhow sailing races are often held in the FIMC in cooperation with the UAE Marine Sports Federation and Dubai International Marine Club. The legendary Arabic sport of dhow sailing races is most definitely a spectacular and graceful sport, illuminating the coastline in a blaze of white sails. Like many other events held at the FIMC, Traditional dhow sailing attracts thousands of visitors to the shores of Fujairah.

There are still countless other events held at the FIMC including the FINA World Swimming Championship, Fishing competitions and tournaments, Regattas and numerous offshore sailing races. If there is something you enjoy doing, whether it is on the water or in it, chances are you can do it at the Fujairah International Marine Club.

If you’re looking for some food or drinks, the FIMC is well prepared with a Chinese restaurant on the top floor, a bar and restaurant on the bottom floor and coffee shop and shisha café outdoors on a jetty. All with a mesmerizing view of the beautiful Indian Ocean.


Founded in 1999 under the patronage of H. H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi the Ruler of the emirate Fujairah and a member of the Supreme Council , The Fujairah International Marine Club has been a haven for local residents and tourists alike for years. Situated on the Indian Ocean, the architecturally modern building looks out onto an endless shimmering blanket of waves.

The Fujairah International Marine Club (FIMC) offers an extensive range of aquatic activities for the whole family to enjoy. From the faster paced jet skiing and speed boats to the more relaxed fishing trips, there is something for everyone. There is a small beach for relaxing in the sun and swimming. Or if you want to see the aquatic wildlife, there is a diving club well equipped to take you and your family out into the ocean.

If you’re looking for somewhere to dock your boat, the FIMC has extensive berthing facilities. With room enough for 120 boats (40 large and 80 smaller) and electricity and water available, there is no reason to go anywhere else. There is both wet and dry berthing available as well as a workshop for any technical and mechanical assistance that you may require.


Marina (the pontoon capacity of (40) 2000
Scuba International 2001
FIMC Restaurants 2002
Simon Bookshop 2002
FIMC Fuel Station 2002
FIMC Workshop 2003
Contract of establishing 5Star Hotel 2005
extending the Marina berthing boats 2006
Contract of building Hotel 2007
Opening new 77 berthing 2008
became member of the RYA 2012
obtain the IGFA 2014
contract Al Masah tourism village 2014
opening of Blue Water Marine 2015
UIM General Assembly 2016
Opening the UIM Youth Training Center 2016