FIMC Youth Training Academy

FIMC Youth Training Academy

Major Ahmed Ibrahim, Managing Director of the Fujairah International Marine Club, Vice President of the UAE Marine Sports President of the Powerboat Association and UIM member has announced the successful establishment and opening of the club’s first water sports youth training club at the Fujairah Marine Club. The centre was established under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, highlighting his unconditional support in transforming the Fujairah International Marine Club as a gateway hub to water based sports and activities in Fujairah.

Once becoming a member of the training club, the trainee will have to complete three different stages of training. The first stage involves training with boat engines. The second stage involves training with sailboats – Laser and Optimist, and the third stage involves rowing training.

Major Ahmed pointed out that the philosophy behind the establishment of the youth training centre stems from the UIM’s profound belief in the importance of nurturing and training the skills of the youth by encouraging and educating them about water sports and powerboating. Consequentially, the UIM conceived a program targeting these youths and accordingly named it, ‘The Water Sports Youth Training Program’. The program aims to train the youths on how to drive powerboats according to safe international standards, and successfully certify them. The program will also train and educate youths on how to navigate correctly and instill in them the best safety and environmental discipline and practices. The UIM’s policy regarding the environment is a priority that it adheres to strictly, especially after signing the UN’s marine environment agreement.

The youth training centre is the first of its kind in the UAE, and was established under the umbrella of the UIM at a cost of over half a million dirhams. The construction process took six months to complete and is located on the grounds of the Fujairah International Marine Club.

Major Ahmed emphasized the UAE’s, and especially Fujairah’s pride in the establishment of the training centre in the UAE according to high international standards. The training centre has been set up with the latest equipment and supplied with environmentally friendly engines imported from Turkey and South Africa. The training centre provides training by highly qualified and certified trainers, and is expected to receive twenty local and expat youths between the ages of 8-12 in its initial training phase. The training centre is hopeful in shaping a future generation of champions by nurturing and honing their skills under qualified instructors and specialists, overseen by the UIM.

Major Ahmed added that the youth centre program is open to males and females alike, with equal opportunities provided to both. He also added that the UIM’s contribution to the program is essential as it provides needed equipment at affordable prices, highlighting the UIM’s collaborative and supportive efforts in providing cost-effective opportunities to all, in an encouraging environment, and is a major contributor to the program’s overall success.