Hosted in Fujairah between 1998 to 2003.

The Class 1 World Offshore Championship is a breathtaking spectacle where modern day sea warriors compete for the ultimate glory, the world Championship Trophy.

Eleven 2-man teams, a driver and throttle man, will strap themselves beneath jet fighter canopies to race in pursuit of maximum glory, The boats, 14 meters in length, weighing five tonnes and powered by twin 850hp Lamborghini engines, will race, often inches apart, at perilous speeds exceeding 160mph.

A spectacle guaranteed to get your Adrenalin pumping!

Class 1 brings together the world’s best racers, leading edge technology and the fastest race boats in the world. It demands the optimum in skill, the ultimate
in courage and combines power, excitement, danger and glamour, Abu Dhabi Team has recently joined the prestigious class one races.