Fujairah Jet Ski Race
From 2001 until 2007

Part of the UAE Marine Sport Federation calendar,Fujairah International Marine Club organizes one of the qualifying heats for the UAE Jet Ski Championship.

The race is run as per the UAE Marine Sport Federation regulations and in accordance with UIM Aqua bike rules for Super stock.

This has grown into one of the most popular Championship races around the Gulf countries and especially within the UAE with over 30 competitors drawing a crowd of 400 plus spectators. Most of the UAE based qualified champions competing in the top global water sports races, started their careers competing in the Jet Ski races.

In order to participate in these prestigious championships all Jet Ski drivers must have UAE licenses issued by UAE Motor Sport Federation which is a UIM recognized body.

The Jet Ski race is one of the power races that feature 4 categories. The top 3 winners of each category qualify to participate in the World Aqua bike Championship held annually.

The categories include:-
• Ski Super Stock 800 C.C.
• Runabout Super Stock 785 C.C.
• Runabout Stock 1200 C.C.
• Runabout Super Stock 786 – 1200 C.C.
• Free Style