UIM Formula 2 Continental Cup 2008
President’s cup Formula 2000 – From 2003 to 2009
December 2009 3RD Heat & Final Heat

Formula 2! The name conjures up images of revving engines,excitement, speed and skill; cool calm days, crowds, atmosphere, spills and thrills.

The first destination to invite a Formula 2 powerboat race in the UAE was Abu Dhabi with the launch of The President’s Cup Championship, The championship very quickly became one of the most popular races with participation from a host of international teams competing for the highest prize monies awarded amongst all the water sports championships worldwide.

Dibba city, a part of the Emirate of Fujairah, was designated as the location of the race due to its impressive scenery and large harbour, This race drew large numbers of spectators as it is a near-shore race that and affords the best visibility of the entire race.

Formula 2 – a staging ground for Formula 1 – is a widely embraced regional event with an international flavor, which attracts a very strong field of UAE National drivers as well as those from the GCC, European and Asian countries.

It is a sport fully and passionately championed by all and most especially by the Rulers and governments of each host city.