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Diving in Fujairah

Fujairah is located on the Arabian Sea, to be precise, on the Gulf of Oman which is a part of the Indian Ocean. The geographical placement of the sea near Fujairah makes it rich with underwater marine life and the mountainous nature of Fujairah also contributes to the formation of different kinds of coral reefs. The Fujairah Government understands the importance of this rich marine environment and has issued multiple rules and regulations to protect the aquatic bio diversity. In-sync with the government’s environment policies, The Fujairah International Marine Sports Club (FIMC) has established several marine reserves to preserve marine life in Fujairah.
Additionally, a reserve serves as a perfect spot for divers to view the marine life.
Marine reserves established in Fujairah
• In 1999, FIMC constructed the first marine reserve using concrete blocks. A clusters of blocks encourages the growth of marine flora and serves as a safe haven for the sea creatures
• In 2005, FIMC, in cooperation with Inchcape shipping agency, helped sink the Inchcape 10 service boat. Since the boat was sunk after being retired, it was safe for the aquatic life. The boat proved to be a successful base for marine life to grow.
• In 2013, FIMC established another reserve by sinking 14 old scrap cars. The cars, before sinking, were drained of their machinery and oil which could prove to be a pollution hazard for the sea.
FIMC organizes regular diving activities to spread awareness regarding the colorful marine life of Fujairah and the need to preserve it.