UIM XCAT World Series championship
2012 to 2016

The extreme and thrilling international powerboat race series!
This series boasts the largest international contingent in the offshore powerboat racing world and the world’s largest fleet of determined racers with the greatest number of international teams competing.

There are over 20 boats from 12 nations gearing up for this action-packed challenge, Pounding across the waves at speeds approaching 120 mph,this aqua track makes the race as rough as any off-road motorsport.

The seas are unpredictable, and spectators enjoy the roar of V6 engines against the crashing waves, These unique racing machines are state-of-the-art advanced carbon technology with custom paint finishes that would excite any vehicle enthusiast.

The new 4-stroke, environmentally friendly engines were adapted in all the
competing boats for the opening round held in Fujairah at FIMC in April 2016.
The new implementations made the Fujairah round one of the most exciting to watch as driver teams had to adapt to the new engines for this opening round.